About Us

Development of modern technology and the search for the best is the basis for the establishment of Top Rock and intake for doors and windows after leaving the former world several years old concepts for windows and doors adopted since the aluminum, wood and so it is certainly UPVC buffer systems are appropriate warranty certainly for all the atmosphere and especially the Gulf of them, and this is what push our company to be proactive to introduce these systems to Kuwait

The Top Rock and intake of doors leading and windows (first) at the start of the supply and then the windows manufacturing and doors of UPVC in Kuwait, according to GCC Specifications 100%, as is the production of private sectors of the atmosphere of the Gulf, Saudi Arabia, and are manufactured according to the measurements and shapes varied with the latest machines allocated to it and mechanisms

Eetmar Top Rock system and intake for doors and windows as the sole prepared complex airspace Gulf is soundproof, heat, cold, dust, water-proofing and fire-resistant and non-assistance to the ignition has demonstrated superior ability, as it oversees the production and processing high-level technical device ensures the quality and reputation of the product burgeoning After his experience has been in Saudi Arabia in 1990 and began working in the State of Kuwait in 1998

Included Top Rock and intake for the doors and windows of all its products with the right to retain all customer maintenance, this Vachtyarkm windows and doors Top Rock and intake is the optimal resolution for a better future